About project
Farmsite Plot of 121 SQ.YDs. with Plantation of 10 Sandalwood plants.
Drip Irrigation System.
Solar Fencing.
Located on the Main Road connecting Srisalam Highway to Akuthotapally
Spot Registration.

Expected Returns
Each Sandalwood plant grows on an average about 15 feets in height and 2 feet in girth after maturity and will give a minimum wood of 50 KGs.
Sandalwood is much expensive and its rate is incresing year by year, from Rs.3,500/- per K.G in the year 2007 to Rs.9500/- per KG in the year 2013 and rate to minimum of Rs. 15,000/- per KG after 10 years.

Expected minimum returns on plantation per plot after maturity will Rs. 30 to 50 Lacs.

Security and Maintenance
The above projections are calculated as per 60% only after deduction of company's share of 40% for the maintenance and Security.

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