terms & conditions

1. The company reserves right to accept or reject any application for allotment of plot without assigning any reason.

2. Instalments have to paid by the 10th of every month. If fails to pay two months consequently, the plot Allotment will be cancalled and member have to choose from the other remained farm site plots.

3. If purchaser is unable to pay or wishes to discotinue the balance amounts and any other amounts due to the company he/she will be entitled to transfer the alloted plot to any new member introduced by him/her in same place.

4. The customer have to select another farmsite plot if their is any change in the layout due to any unforeseen.

5. The company reserves the right to alter the Farm site layout partly or fully if it requires, accordlying the Farm site plot Number will be allotted to the members at the time of registration. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the company will re-allot the plot with the same specifications in another place.

6. After registration of plot, owner have to lease out the plot for tewlve (12) years to company for the cultivation of sandalwood by signing the lease agreement.

7. Plantation of 10 Sandalwood Plants per regular size of 121 sq.yds. with drip irrigation will be done and maintained by the company for a period of 12 years.

8. Company will do host (supportive) plantation in between Sandalwood Plants for their healthy growth and the yield from this plantation will belongs to company only. The company will not be responsible / liable for any loss or delay caused by the act of nature, Government Litigation or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the company on the project.

9. On maturity of Sandalwood, 40% of the sales proceeds of the plants will be deducted and kept by company towards Maintenance and Security charges (for 12 years). Balance of 60% will be given to the farm plot owners.

10. Insurance charges are to be borne by the plot owners as and when required for the plants.

11. The company shall not be liable for cash payments made without obtaining signed official recepits and payments made to unauthorized persons. Payments should be made strictly at our office or to our authorised executive (with I.D. Card) against signed official receipt.

12. After registration of plot, owner have to lease out the plot to lease out the plot for 12 years to company for the cultivation of Sandlewood plants by signing the lease agreement

13. All the matters are subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction only. All cheques / DD's should be drawn in favour of 'GIZMO SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED' payable at Hyderabad.

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