Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album) as mentioned earlier is commercially valued globally and its demand in the international markets far exceeds the production. It is highly prized for its superior quality heartwood and oil. Its price has been steadily increasing at the rate of 15% to 20% a year and because of the high percentage of Santalol, it fetches a premium price for its unique aroma. Not surprisingly, the major threat to sandalwood cultivation is theft and smuggling.

Understanding the threat, Company GIZMO REALTORS ensures to protect the Project "Gizmo Greens" with various layers of security. We combine the latest technology along with human barriers to theft and pilferage to guarantee a safe investment. Each plot will also be monitored through CCTV Surveillance. A path breaking security device an RFID chip will also be implanted in the bark of each tree. In case of theft, the stolen tree can be located and confiscated. Apart from this, the cultivation is manned 24x7 by trained professionals as well as regular security patrols consisting of ferocious, highly trained guards and solar-fencing. It is a shared dream and protecting it from vagaries of nature and human greed is our responsibility and a matter of pride.

Thus, your investment in project “Gizmo Greens” and the returns on it are safe, secured and well protected.

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